The original incarnation of what is now Imperium started back in late 1992 as Empire MUD. In 1997 the original founders of Empire branched off in a new direction to form Imperium, using much of the code and world developed over the years on Empire as a base. Empire/Imperium has been in existence quite a while now, and has had many contributors in that timespan. As we are based on DikuMUD, mention of the original creators of such cannot be forgotten.

Original DikuMUD game idea, concept, and design are due to:

Katja Nyboe, Tom Madsen, Hasn Henrik Staerfeldt, Michael Seifert, and Sebastian Hammer, with additional contributions from Michael Curran, Ragnar Loenn, Bill Wisner, Mads Haar, and Stephan Dahl.

We at Imperium pride ourselves on the quality of the world our many Creators have molded over the years. This would not have been possible without the contributions of the following people:

  Greg Vatman (Melkor)               Tom Chess (Shruew)
  Michael Thomas Esham (Zane)        Sara Hael (Arielle)
  Brother                            John Avery (Ma)
  Eric Adams (Torrent)               Jeff Kimmel (Jander)
Additional creators of the world of Imperium include:
  Nate Perkins (Rajak)               Cara
  Jason Roberts (Quentin)            Michelle Stine (Kalivir)
  Brian Siegel (Coalfax)             Josh Megerman (Ragnarok)
  Nahum                              Aaron Perrin (Kurgan)
  Farhaj Hashmi (Astafas)            Scott Cowell (Ancalagon)
  Stephen Maslanka (Eldamar)         Billy Singleton (Nazgul)
  Angelfire                          Jeffry Isacksen (Imre)
  Scott Isacksen (Iepetus)           Kathryne
Much of the code additions and modifications for Imperium made over the years are the result of many long hours spent by:
  Farhaj Hashmi (Astafas)
  Scott Cowell (Ancalagon)
With additional contributions from:
  Tom Chess (Shruew)
  Greg Vatman (Melkor)
  Stephen Maslanka (Eldamar)
  Josh Megerman (Ragnarok)
Current code modifications being performed by:
  Greg Milford  (Eru)
  Tom  Crockett (Cindrak)
Webpage work and updates by:
  Scott Isacksen (Iepetus)
  Ali Shields
A thanks for hosting the mud during our rebuilding time:
  Tom Chess (Shruew)
A thanks for hosting our webpage, during our rebuilding time and now hosting a mirror to our page:
  Monty Lair
Current Mud and Webhost:
Finally we would like to thank Brian Siegel (Coalfax) for giving us our first home out at MIT. Also thanks to the many people and places who were kind enough to let us run Empire/Imperium at their sites over the years.