Frequently Asked Questions

I died and I am having trouble getting to my stuff, will it disappear?

The game works on a "docking" system where areas load into game then disappear when not in use. It takes some time for an area to disappear when not occupied. The best solution, if you have help on the way, is to get as close to the place you died as you can and wait to make sure the area doesn't fade out of existence. In some circumstances if this does happen to you, someone on the immortal staff can reimburse your equipment.

A monster appeared near me right after I killed it, is this supposed to happen?

Yes, though it is an unfortunate part of how the game world works, it functions that way so that players have a constant supply of treasure and opponents to face. If you are aware of the possibility, you will be more prepared for it. The best way to be prepared is with recall scrolls.

What does a recall scroll do?

A recall scroll has the spell "word of recall" on it. The spell doesn't fail when in the scroll form, and functions to take you (or whoever you recite it on) to a safe spot. Barbarians can find this spell in a potion form, though it is harder to find and more expensive than what most other people can use.

There is a gate or door here, how do I open it?

One of the beautiful things about this game is the rich descriptions that have been put into each room. Sometimes these descriptions hint to items hidden in the room you can't see. Some doors can just be opened with the open command, but others function off of a lever type device you can push or pull that may not even be in the same room as the door. Buttons and command words can also be used to open doors. Locked doors can have keys in many shapes and sizes. Some locked doors may not have a key at all, requiring the skills of a thief to break in.

There are times when there are two or more doors in the room with you and they may share the same words, making it hard to open the one you want. For example, there is a wooden door to your east and a wooden door to your west. Rather than trying to figure out if there are any different words you can use for one of the doors, you can use the command open door direction. This works with almost any door, bypassing the specific words needed to open it when there is confusion. If you wanted to go explore past the eastern door, you would simply open door east.

Why does the Magistrate want to see me?

The children around Arandor are pretending to be cityguards and pretending you are a criminal, so they are sending you to talk to someone they know is in charge of the town.

It says to check the boards often, where are they?

The boards are located along the hallway west of the fountain in the Adventurer's Guild. Each one has an individual room north or south of the main hall.