We have a mail system that allows characters to stay in touch or send equipment and money to each other. Because over time or because of spells, people can lose eachother's introduction, it is sometimes hard to get in contact with someone. Posting on the board for the world to see isn't always the most desired option, and the world is too big just to stand in the streets and shout someone's name.


Usage: mail (recipient) [money] [item1] [item2] [item3]...

The inns about the world now employ mail runners, able to help adventurers to keep in contact with each other more easily. When a letter or package is sent, the runner tracks down the recipient at the correct inn and gives the delivery to the innkeeper. Once a letter has been delivered to an innkeeper, it must be picked up at that inn. You do not need a person's intro to send mail to them.

Sending a letter, mail player, costs a nominal fee for postage.

Packages, sent using the longer mail command listed above, include a letter and the items or money wrapped in a package. To send money, there is a charge of 5% the amount being sent. Packages of equipment will cost 4 gold plus the cost of renting the equipment for a month.

Packages more than 30 days old will be thrown out by the innkeepers, and there are no guarantees on this system, so use it at your own risk.


Usage: receive

When an innkeeper notifies you that you have mail waiting, type receive to accept the letters and packages that have been sent to you. Your letters will not be saved, so read them before you rent. Packages and equipment will save and be stored in rent.


Usage: block (name)

You can block or remove a block from mail being delivered to you from a specific character. Use this to stop unwanted contact or spamming letters.