A Brief Description of Mudding and Imperium


A MUD is very much like a role-playing-game in which one takes on the personality of a character in a fantasy world, and follows them through their travels. Such a game is best described as an ongoing story that is written as it is played. MUD stands for Multi-User-Dungeon. During travels here, players make friends and enemies, both of which greatly affect how successful travels are. There are many MUDs out there, and most focus heavily on combat, since that is the easiest way for a program to keep track of success or failure without requiring a person to oversee such a game 24/7. The game is an ongoing program that accepts commands that you type and gives you information or changes your character accordingly. Imperium is one of many MUDs out on the internet, and is free for anyone who has an internet connection and telnet software to connect to the game.


Imperium is a MUD that will not suit the tastes of all players or mudders. It is a very difficult game world that caters to those seeking a challenge or a role-playing environment. Everything that is seen in Imperium has been created by various staff members who have worked on the game through the years. The world continues to grow and change as adventurers make their mark and immortals continue to shape and add to the world.

In the world of Imperium, groups of travellers of a diverse selection of trades can band together to explore dangerous and forgotten parts of the realm. These trades range from trackers and healers to wizards and people who have hardened their body against physical combat. Such groups can always find something new to test their skills against in the vast world which covers two continents and multiple islands. With the proper preparation and spells, explorers can even venture underwater where forgotten treasure waits.


Imperium offers to those who decide to walk its lands: Home