Current Quests


As most know, the term MUD refers to multi-user dungeon. As most also know, we have a somewhat small population. The imm staff is working on attracting new players, but I would like to extend to the players a task of helping recruit as well.

I am preparing an assortment of goodies to be granted to anyone who recruits a new player that sticks around for a little bit. The requirements for such a reward are this:

  1. The player must stick around up to level 5.
  2. You must be seen online playing at the same time as the recruit.
    - This is to help prevent abuse of this reward.
  3. Power leveling someone (ie. running with much larger characters and shooting them up to level 5) will be frowned upon. It is much more benificial for the player to ease into the mud. Knowlege of how things work is more useful than being clueless with a higher level. This will help retain players for a longer amount of time in the long run.
  4. The new player will recieve a package as well.
This system will remain in effect until this post is removed and one notifying the end of this recruitment bonus is made. Every player adds to the world, so it is a bonus for everyone when a new person starts.

Imperium Times Articles

Hear ye, hear ye! The New Imperium Times has just opened its presses, and will be accepting submissions from the great scribes of the land, henceforth and forthwith. If you have a story to tell, or gossip to propagate, or opinions to air, we want to hear from you! If your article is deemed print-worthy, it will be included in the next edition of our paper, and you will be compensated according to the caliber of your work. Keep in mind that the New Times is a prestigious publication, and poorly written or uninteresting material will be turned down. We do not have a large staff, so we ask that you proofread your own work. Fees for accepted material begin at five (5) platinum, and truly outstanding writing may earn substantially more, subject to the editor's discretion.

Please submit articles to, along with the name of the scribe. Anonymous submissions may be printed, however we will not be able to pay you. If the author wishes to publish anonymously, we can accomodate, however we require a name in order to make payment. Letters to the editor are also welcome, and a selection of such letters may be printed in each edition of the Times, however we do not pay for letters, and once again there is no guarantee that you will get printed.

Articles should be 30 lines in length or longer, although no more than a few pages, please. Exceptions can always be made, if what you have to say is truly exceptional. Now, start writing!


The Plague of Malman

During a time that has faded slightly from most adventurer's minds, at a point when Arandor hosted only a small group of dedicated adventurers, a necromancer by the name of Malman attacked the city. Waves of undead were sent, runes of shadow magic carved in the street, and the town watch replaced with Malman's own servants. Banding together, the people of the town braved the unkown of bits of the ethereal plane, ash plane, and negative material plane to vanquish this villan and end his attacks. The spirit of a necromancer is hard to eliminate. This one placed his soul into a crystal where he lies in wait for an opportunity to rise again.

Supporters of Malman are still seen on occasion, and a small attack was made on Arandor on Halloween night. Runes of the shadow magic remain etched into the street and the town's elected Mayor protects the crystal until he can find a way to purge it of the dark soul that possesses it.