Rules of Imperium

These rules have been designed to keep things fair and enjoyable. Each rule has a reason behind it. Please follow them and keep the game enjoyable for everyone.


(1) Communication: - Offensive behaviour on public channels should be avoided at all times. - Any form of multiply repeated messages, ('tell', 'shout', 'emote', 'say', etc.) is strictly prohibited. - Using the Newbie channel as a form of chat, advertising, or intimidation. The channel is for new players to reach people for help that may be out of shout range. HELP CHANNEL NEWBIE for information on that channel. (2) Player Interaction: - Player killing and theft are allowed; this fact is in no way an encouragement to engage in such behaviour. - A player may not get on a boat during the 15 minute waiting period following a pkill or psteal. A boat is considered to be a moving room in which the exits close off on a timer preventing entrance to that room except at specific times. - Should a kill or steal take place on a boat, the attacker(s) must get off the boat at the next stop. If that stop is missed, you will be considered to have intentionally broken the pkill/psteal rules. - A player may not hide in a guild hall while waiting for the 15 minute period following a pkill or psteal. - The repeated killing of a player in a place of rent is prohibited. The repeated killing of a player otherwise will be generally frowned upon. - Player killing or theft followed by renting, cutting link, or quitting before a period of 15 minutes has elapsed is prohibited. - Roving bands of player killers are frowned upon. - Mortals are expected to deal with problems encountered in the mortal world; immortals will not interfere unless it is deemed necessary. - All immortals should be treated with respect, as they are the ones who keep the MUD running. If an immortal informs you that you are engaging in improper behaviour, you should make every effort to curtail it. - Bots, or any other combination of scripts and actions designed to gain a character experience without player interaction, are illegal. (3) Multiple Characters: - You may have up to two characters connected to the MUD at any time; This includes not only the game menu, but also linkdead characters. - Storage characters (characters used to store excessive amounts of coins, equipment, and items for other characters), are not permitted. - The killing of one's own characters, for exp or otherwise, is prohibited. - Sharing characters is prohibited. If your character has been hacked, please inform the management as soon as possible. (4) Descriptions: - The Gods reserve the right to change anyone's set of descriptions if it is considered incomplete or inappropriate. - If you wish to change your description, the Gods will review your request; if it is denied, please do not complain to other Gods. - Though creative descriptions are fun, there must be useable keywords on a character. (Should someone need to interact with you on short notice, there should be better options than what a preposterous incommunicable personage would allow.)

The following actions are prohibited on Imperium.

1. Deliberately exploiting bugs, (flaws in the game). 2. Deliberately failing to report a known bug to the immortals. 3. Lying to an immortal about game matters. 4. Treating an immortal disrespectfully. 5. Deliberately killing one's own characters. 6. Deliberately killing "disposable" characters. 7. Deliberately killing shopkeepers. 8. Deliberately killing mostly newbies. (This is normally frowned upon, but it is understandable if habitual pkers kill well equipped newbies as it can be difficult to determine level.) 9. Deliberately killing a player repeatedly in a place of rent. 10. Posting sites of other muds on the boards, or attempting to recruit players or immortals for other muds. 11. Lying on a reimbursement, or deliberately keeping eq mistakenly reimbed. 12. Deliberately crashing the mud, or knowing of the mud being deliberately crashed without telling any visible immortals. 13. Refusing an order from a god (demi-god or higher). 14. Having more than two characters online at once, including both linkdead characters and characters sitting at the game menu. 15. Dropping link for the purpose of avoiding death, direct or eventual. 16. Sharing characters. 17. Using a bot, or using actions and scripts to gain a character experience, equipment, or money without player interaction. 18. Using real life circumstances, grudges, occurrences, etc as a way or motive for gaining equipment, experience, etc, or pkilling someone. This is a game where we encourage roleplay, but not require it. We do, however, have no patience for using real life as a tool to get ahead on here. Example- Person A loaned Person B some money, and now uses that to blackmail or force Person B to give him/her favors on the mud in return..illegal. 19. Using a character for the sole purpose of attacking someone to give them a no-rent flag is illegal. This would be using a game mechanic against someone in-character. This will generally be ruled upon in a case by case situation, due to the variety of circumstances involved.