Read Magic

This ability allows those who are magically inclined the ability to read spells from pc scrolls, which are spells created by mid-to-high level mages with the scribe spell. This skill is only required to read spells from pc scrolls, not to read spells from regular scrolls. When the scroll is recited, two skill rolls are checked - the reader's skill in read magic, and the skill of the scroll's scriber in the spell they have scribed (this is recorded in the scroll - the caster need not be online). Failing either of these checks means that either the recitation was botched or the spell was not scribed correctly in the first place, and the scroll will dissolve with no apparent effect, as if it were recited in a no-magic room. Many arguments between scribers and reciters have come about because of failed scrolls used in critical situations, because there is no way to tell whether it was the scroll that was faulty, or simply the one reading it.