Righteous Transformation

Usage: cast righteous-transformation

This spell causes the mage uttering its mystical words to become more like a fighter in ability. The caster's maximum hitpoints increase by a large amount, and the caster also gains a second attack for the initial duration of the spell. The caster also becomes more adept with his or her weapon during this time. Be warned that this spell is not without its consequences, however. While this spell's initial duration is in effect, the caster is unable to cast any spells, as the caster is not able to control the magical energy in his or her new form, being unfamiliar with it. Further, once the transformation initially wears off, the effects of it linger for up to a full day, leaving the mage weaker than he was when he originally cast it.

This spell was created by the good-aligned magi in an attempt to balance the power between them and the dark magi. As such, being a transformation of righteousness, evil casters are punished for attempting to harness the energy of good for their own use.