Character Creation

Imperium is a fantasy role-playing oriented mud, therefore, a name should have some sort of fantasy feel to it. Characters must be approved before they can level past 5, and if your name is found to be inappropriate, you may have to go through the creation process again depending on the circumstances. Fantasy name generators and baby name sites are a good place to get ideas if you are stumped.
Gender does not affect your character as far as game mechanics. Players who smile at you would get the message, "You smile at her." should your gender be female.
Each race starts with various levels in language skills, and may have varying base attributes. Race is primarily for roleplay as well.
This choice will have more impact on you than any other choice. Each class is very unique, filling various niches in the world.
While looking at the attributes, please take into account that each attribute does affect your character even if it isn't considered the most important for the class. Though your attributes don't increase as you level, there is equipment that will increase attributes when worn. Most often, the primary attribute of your class will be the most abundantly found that you can use.
While making your character, you will find that increasing a stat beyond a certain point will use more creation points. The number of points will vary between classes.
Short Description
A short description is a brief phrase that describes your character.

An example would be: a slim, brooding man.
That is the short description of the Immortal, Iepetus.

When Iepetus is in the room, you would see: Iepetus, a slim, brooding man, is standing here.
If Iepetus were a mortal and you did not know him, when he spoke, the sdesc would be used in this way: A slim, brooding man says 'Greetings.'

Long Description
The long description of a character is what another player sees when they do not know a character in the room. This description should be a complete sentence that relates to your short description somewhat, and can tell others more about your character's personality.

A clumsy barbarian with a big heart may look like this:
A large man stumbles over his feet as he steps out of your way.

A mage that is stuck up may appear in this way:
A brown-haired woman glares at you over the top of her spellbook.

The keywords you select for your character are the words that allow others to interact with you. If you have a long name, you may want to have a three letter shortened version of your name for people to speak to help you in battle with more ease. People who don't know you should also be able to interact with you using words they see in your short and long descriptions.

Detailed Description
This description is considered the main description of your character. This will be seen when other players look at you. This description allows you to give information like eye color, hair color, tattoos, scars for your character. The description should be a paragraph describing your character as if he or she were in a book. Try to stick mostly to physical descriptions, since the armor and equipment your character has will vary as you progress through the game.

Once you are done with your description, you must tell the editor that you are finished by putting a . on a line by itself. An example would be:
1: The young girl before you is still a child. She looks no older than 15 or
2: 16. Several of her features suggest elven heritage, but confirmation
3: isn't available, as the tops of her ears seem to have been severed.
4: Her brown hair, cut short, falls around a dark face. She looks back at
5: you through squinted eyes, and crosses her arms tighter.
6: .
You will then be taken to the # prompt where you have two options. If you are happy with your character and wish to enter the game, you type save. If you want to start over and have that name available to try creating your character again, disconnect from the mud and all the information you put in will be cleared, and you can start fresh by reconnecting. The imm staff will also be happy to assist you in polishing up your character's descriptions, only changes that would require recreation would be that of name, class, or race.

You should now be ready to enter the game.

Once a character is created, the imm staff receives notification, and will look it over as soon as possible. While waiting, you can begin exploring and start working on advancing to the next level.

We hope you enjoy your time here.