The various races that you may chose from and you will meet traveling these lands are:


Humans are the predominant race of the world. Although there are many different factions of humans, all of them are roughly of the same build and makeup. Humans are the basis for which all other races are judged. 'Old age' for humans is at roughly 100 years of age.


Half-elves are elves that do not have pure elven blood running through them, it having been 'tainted' by some other race. All half-elves are at least half elven, but some are more, not having any outside blood for ten or more generations but still having it nonetheless. Pure elves tend to look with disdain upon half-elves, seeing them as 'inferior' and 'tainted', and humans look upon them much the same way, with fear and loathing. Despite this, many half-elves try to create their own communities, and they are generally well-accepted by the other races (such as halflings). A half-elf inherits the lack of stamina of the full-blooded elf, but they are not as weak due to the human blood flowing in their veins, and although they do not possess the keen intellect of the full elves, they are still quite nimble. Half-elves have some of the elven lifespan as well, growing old around 350 years of age.


Elves are a noble race, with a long and ancient history in the realms. They have finely chiseled faces, and their ears are pointed. They tend to be somewhat slimmer than the average human, which makes them less durable and a bit weaker. However, the home of the elves is the forest, and they not only possess a relative quickness from their slimness, but also a keen intellect that more than makes up for their fragility. Elves possess the longest lifespans of all the races, living up to 750 years before passing into old age.


Dwarves are a short and stocky, but very tough and durable race. Many dwarves prefer living in mines underneath mountains, while others live around the rolling hills nearby. Dwarves tend to have beards, often of excessive length, and pride themselves on their fine ale. Dwarves also are seen as gruff, and do not always get along with the other races, often staying within their mountain homes for years at a time. They are usually as stout-hearted as they are stout-bodied, however. Dwarves live for quite a long time, not growing old until they have reached 250 years of age.

This race also includes the duergar and the derro, the two races of 'dark dwarves' that live beneath the earth's surface. Darker of skin and of heart, they otherwise share their lighter cousin's statistics.


Halflings are aptly named, for they are only a bit taller than half the average human's height, shorter than even a dwarf. Because of their small size, halflings are not as strong as most of the other races, and many who have observed them - often with their pot-bellies or with a pipe in hand - tend to think of them as slow, too, but don't be fooled. Despite their looks, halflings are among elves as one of the more nimble races of the world, and they lack the elven frailty as well, being as stout as the average human. Although they enjoy having a good time and relaxing, their hearts are usually in the right places, and they are ever ready to lend a hand to those who they think deserve it. Halflings can live to be around 125 years old before they move into old age.


Gnomes, much like dwarves, tend to prefer living underground, in caves and near mountains. Although they do mine, like dwarves, they are not quite as stout as the dwarven race, and in addition to being more frail are weaker. However, what gnomes lack in strength and endurance they make up for with ingenuity and machinery, and they do not have an innate distrust of other races as the dwarves do. Gnomes are a bit smaller than dwarves in height, and most live up to 120 years before passing into old age.


Southrons are a very unique race in the realm. They are generally taller and larger than most humans. Their dark skin can be attributed to many generations spent living in the deserts and other harsh environments. Due to these harsh and dangerous lifestyles, southrons tend to be rather strong and muscular, although they lack a bit in mobility. Southrons are the race with the shortest lifespan, with old age at about 80 years.

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